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The Self-Improvement Workbook (FREE)

By: Shane Walker

Contains 7 Powerful Self-Improvement Worksheets!

Build confidence, make better decisions, improve self-esteem, get balanced and more!
*See more details on the included worksheets below.

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It’s important for your growth and happiness to have a self-improvement ‘Toolkit’. In this toolkit, keep a list of resources, habits, and tips that you can rely on throughout your life to provide guidance, inspiration, and motivation to keep you on track with your goals. Below are some great self-improvement worksheets to add to your toolkit and are all included in The Self-Improvement Workbook.

Wheel Of Life Worksheet (For Life Balance and Clarity)

In order to master our own happiness, we must find balance in all areas of our lives. The Wheel of Life Worksheet will allow you to evaluate the balance in your life, and determine where you need to refocus your attention.

Discover Your Top Values Worksheet (Better Decision Making)

The foundation of happiness begins with your values. This is because our values (whether you realize it or not) drive our everyday decisions, which affect our happiness and our results. If you are not satisfied with the results you are getting right now, it is most likely because you do not understand, or use your top values in a way that serves you best. The following Top Values Worksheet will help you with this.

Affirmations Worksheet (For Self-Esteem, Confidence, Law of Attraction)

Affirmations are a positive tool to see real change in your life. There is a link between what you affirm as true and your subconscious mind. Once your mind can “see it” and “feel it” something remarkable happens. You begin to see real opportunities and doors will open that will enable you to accomplish practically anything. This worksheet will help you formulate positive affirmations the right way to begin seeing the results you deserve.

Breaking Comfort Zones Worksheet (For Confidence & Life Change)

You can learn and grow at an accelerated rate by achieving things outside of your comfort zone. By continually expanding your comfort zone you will uncover new possibilities that you couldn’t even fathom in the past.

Great Things About Me Worksheet (For Self-Esteem)

Sometimes when we struggle with low self-esteem we forget about the things that are great about us. In this worksheet you will learn to identify the things that make you an amazing person and use them to improve your self-esteem.

Manage Stress Worksheet (For Stress & Anxiety)

The Manage Stress Worksheet will help you analyze and manage your stress and anxiety. Use this tool to evaluate your stressors and put things into perspective.

Setting SMART Goals (For Goal Setting)

Set goals the right way using this worksheet. Your chances of success increases with these simple, easy to follow goal guidelines.


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